How to configure Wallet to sync using WebDAV Print

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To configure Acrylic Software's Wallet application to sync your data with SqueakSoft's WebDAV server:

  1. Make sure you are using Wallet 3.1 or higher.  Versions prior to 3.1 do not support WebDAV.
  2. From the Wallet item on the menu bar, choose Preferences
  3. Click the Sync icon
  4. If the panel is currently showing "MobileMe Sync", click on that text and select "WebDAV Sync" from the list.
  5. For Server Address, enter:

    (where username is your SqueakSoft WebDAV hosting username)
  6. Enter your SqueakSoft WebDAV server username and password
  7. Optionally check the boxes for Always Sync Before: Locking / Quitting
  8. Close the preferences window

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